Sunday, October 2, 2011

Matthew Sweet - "Girlfriend"

I'm not sure I'm connected.


I wanted to add a photo I took while in Iceland. I know my wife added everything when we were transferring things to the new Mac, but I can't seem to grab pics from the photos on her profile area.

So, defeated, I went & pulled the one I had posted on Facebook.

Here's the pic, in all of it's low-res, highly compressed muddiness.

We spent the day at Gullfoss and the southwestern corner of Iceland. Walking back to the car, with my wife in the foreground and the glaciers in the far background. Of course, they'd be far easier to see with the photo I WANTED to post.

I'll get better at this.



Larry Cuffe said...

this is a nice atmospheric shot. It tells me about climate, weather, tells me that Gullfoss is a tourist place with reasonable visitor numbers, beacause of the boardwalk. I dont see the waterfall, but the net can tell me about that.
Creative? yes, posing this shot is a bit unusual for this destination.
Conneted? Well we are both on a course, I have been to Iceland, and last time I went to Gullfoss was in 1979. As for the other part "girlfreind" for me it was the second girlfreind that I went to Iceland with that I ended up marying!

Q said...

Well congratulations, first of all!

I loved our time in Iceland, though it was only an extended stay on our way to a (surprise, surprise) wedding in Copenhagen. With the implosion of the Icelandic economy, and the plummeting value of the ISK, there were insane deals, asking people to stay when flying Iceland Air. Zero fees, and you could stay for up to 14 days without any connection issues. Great, great time and we cannot wait to return.