Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Jayhawks - "Hollywood Town Hall"

I'm confused.

The other day in our online live session, I stated that cooking shouldn't be confined or completely DEFINED by the recipe in front of you. I like recipes as a loose guide, and end up using my cooking knowledge from my past and my own CREATIVITY. I don't like the idea of copying word-for-word, scooping up and counting grains of rice, drops of vinegar and shakes of spices.

I went on to say that cooking is an art. I thoroughly feel that, but it contradicts my feelings of CREATIVITY.

I feel that one who is truly creative cannot copy the work of another. That being said, I don't plan on figuring out on my own how to cook a twenty-five dollar cut of meat. I'll use my experience, but if if I were just starting out, I'd look it up as not to reinvent the wheel, OR ruin my dinner.

Can CREATIVITY build on what others have done so many times before us?

I have a chateaubriand in a light marinade as we speak, waiting for dinner. I made a marinade from memory and without measuring. I let the meat warm on the platter, laid slight cross slices into it, and let it soak a while. I plan on heating the grill, and cooking it by sight, smell and touch to determine when it is done.


I'm not sure I am.

If I were, wouldn't I take the meat, put it into the blender, wear it on my head for a while, sprinkle it with M&M's then microwave it? Because that is different?

I'm confused.

And hungry.

Not for the M&M recipe though.


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